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Matching Products (Click on OPN or View Details for more information)
Compare OPNProcessorModelMulti-CPU ScalabilityCore FrequencyL2 Cache/Core 
ADD3000IAA4CNEAMD Athlon™ 643000+11.8 GHz512 KBView Details
ADD3400IAA5CUEAMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core3400+11.8 GHz512 KBView Details
OSA852FAA5BMEAMD Opteron™852up to 82.6 GHz1 MBView Details
OSK848FOT5BMEAMD Opteron™848 HEup to 82.2 GHz1 MBView Details
OSA252FAA5BLEAMD Opteron™252up to 22.6 GHz1 MBView Details
OSK248FOT5BLEAMD Opteron™248 HEup to 22.2 GHz1 MBView Details
OSB244FOT5BLEAMD Opteron™244 EEup to 21.8 GHz1 MBView Details
OSA152FAA5BKEAMD Opteron™15212.6 GHz1 MBView Details
OSK148FOT5BKE AMD Opteron™148 HE12.2 GHz1 MBView Details
OSB144FOT5BKE AMD Opteron™144 EE11.8 GHz1 MBView Details
TMSMT37BQX5LDEAMD Turion™ 64 Mobile TechnologyMT-3712.0 GHz1 MBView Details
TMDTL52HAX5CTEAMD Turion™ 64 x2 Dual-Core Mobile TechnologyTL-5211.6 GHz512 KBView Details
OSK865FQU6CCEDual-Core AMD Opteron™865 HE up to 81.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSA865FAA6CCEDual-Core AMD Opteron™865up to 81.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSK265FQU6CBE Dual-Core AMD Opteron™265 HE up to 21.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSA265FAA6CBEDual-Core AMD Opteron™265up to 21.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSB240FOT5BLEDual-Core AMD Opteron™240 EEup to 21.4 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSK165FQU6CAEDual-Core AMD Opteron™165 HE 11.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSA165FAA6CAEDual-Core AMD Opteron™16511.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
SMS3500HAX4CMEMobile AMD Sempron™3500+11.8 GHz512 KBView Details
SMS3300BQX2LFEMobile AMD Sempron™3300+12.0 GHz128 KBView Details
SMS3000BQX2LFEMobile AMD Sempron™3000+11.8 GHz128 KBView Details
OSP8214GAU6CYESecond-Generation AMD Opteron™ 8214 HEup to 82.2 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSH8210GAS6CYESecond-Generation AMD Opteron™8210 EEup to 81.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSP2214GAU6CXESecond-Generation AMD Opteron™2214 HEup to 22.2 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSH2210GAS6CXESecond-Generation AMD Opteron™2210 EEup to 21.8 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSP1214GAU6DGESecond-Generation AMD Opteron™1214 HE12.2 GHz1 MB*View Details
OSH1210GAS6DGESecond-Generation AMD Opteron™1210 EE11.8 GHz1 MB*View Details

* Cache size reflected is "per processor" core.

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